Relax and become peaceful here.

You can induce calm and relaxation, reduce and manage your stressclarify your thinking with the strategies on this website.

We are busy people and we want to be able to relax. At least, we are told it is a good idea to relax. Relaxing will help our immune systems, keep us happier, allow us to enjoy the life that we have built.

So why is it difficult? What makes it hard to do?

We get lots of suggestions: “Just relax. Enjoy the moment. Take the time to smell the roses.” (Oh, thanks, roses make me sneeze!).

For a lot of us, relaxing is not easy. We have work demands. We have family needs, wants and desires. We have time pressure, time limits, and for many of us, a habit of tension. Yes, we know that is true.

Relaxing needs to be learned. It is as much of a skill as any other task. Like anything else, there will be a learning curve.

Like anything else, once quick easy ways to relax have been learned, we will enjoy them.

How can we relax?

I think active people find relaxation easier than people who don’t enjoy a physical activity or who cannot do it for large parts of the day. Bike riding, running, swimming, and gardening are all ways that active people say they relax.

If you are at work or are not active in those ways, then deep breathing, meditating, knitting or crocheting, drawing and coloring, and child’s play are all quiet ways to relax. These also have the advantage of being activities that can be done quickly and for a short period of time.

I first heard about coloring to relax in my therapy practice several years ago when some clients told me that was how they relaxed. I remember thinking that it was too bad that there weren’t good coloring books for adults.

Now, of course, adult coloring books are so popular that they are on the exit lines at the supermarkets! Unfortunately, most of them look very ornate, with many very small spaces, and to me, they look difficult. I don’t know if they would be relaxing, but if you are good with small details they probably would be. Otherwise, find a children’s coloring book that you like and enjoy that.

Child’s play can be done with a child, of course, but if one is not available, there is no reason not to try it. You can bring a small number of children’s blocks to work, and in some free time, build a small village or trucks or cars with them. There are lots of children’s toys which could be used for adult relaxation.

Any of these suggestions are better than the alternatives of smoking, drinking, and drugs that are used all too often in our busy world.

This website focuses on breathing, and meditation, and writing for relaxation. As I noted above, relaxation does not come naturally to many of us. There are techniques that can be learned quickly and easily and they can be practiced quickly and easily.

Use the comment section to let me know of any relaxations practices that you use in your life. How have they worked for you? What works best for you?

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You will go calmly through your day

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About This Site

I am a retired psychologist and I help people solve problems through this web site.  In my career as a psychologist I developed strategies that reduce stress reactionsclarify thinking, induce calm and relaxation, and address problems that people have in their lives.Self photos, target 04092013 website_ cropped for linkedin edited-1

These strategies are easy to learn, can be done almost anywhere, and apply to the difficulties that most people confront in their lives.  These strategies include:

  • Attention to physical calming
  • Clear and calm thinking
  • Clear communication

Actions that include identifying goals, setting priorities, and developing plans to action.

These techniques were developed through years of experience working with patients in my psychotherapy practice, both in private practice, community mental health settings, and in a large medical group.

The presentation of my patients included serious dilemmas as well as the everyday problems that most of us struggle with at  some time during our lives.  These techniques that are included in this website grew out of those struggles that people were generous enough to share with me, and brave enough to work through.

Now that I am retired, I want to introduce these calming practices to a wider audience, and I hope that you will be made more comfortable and happy in your lives.

Get More!  Learn to know about your stress, learn to manage your stress.

Sign up for your Reduce Stress Toolkit today!

This is a FREE 4 part Toolkit delivered to your inbox once a week.