Calming the Body

This section, on calming the body is a good place to start to get ourselves to a positive, accepting state, where we don’t get “thrown” by the day to day problems and issues that life tosses our way. This leaves us able to enjoy the life that we have, and to look forward to the life that we deserve.

There is normal stress in any person’s life:  some days the car won’t start, any mother knows the feeling that comes when your child informs you that you are supposed to prepare a serving of food for the school sport team that evening.  There may be a family argument, tight finances, or additional stress at work.  How do you keep going without feeling overwhelmed when these things occur on top of an already full schedule and a full life?

The exercises and insturctions in Calming the Body will help with all of this.

If you are a beginner, and you want a simple fast way to get calm start with Simple Steps to Relaxation.

Sea shells

Sea shells Relax.”

If you want to improve your breathing, the suggestions about breathing on Simple Steps to Relaxation is the best place to start. For more structured suggestions, I recommend the Simple Short Breathing Meditation.

If you have more time available try the Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

When we want to learn how to calm down and to relax, how do we do it?

There was a time in my life when I was agitated, I felt swamped, I could not say “no” and I was easily overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, and sad. In short, I was stressed, stressed, stressed!   Through a lot of reading, listening and experimentation I learned how to relax physically, how to talk to myself and others in a calm manner, how to talk to other important people in a way that promoted good relations, and how to make the decisions that worked to make my life easier, happier, and most important, calmer.

On this website I will share with you what I have learned about relaxing and self calming in a “whole body/environmental” way.  Because we are whole beings in a social and physical environment.  Because we don’t need to feel stressed so much, because we can learn and make the changes that will reduce that “stressed-out” feeling.

We are busy.  This website is meant for busy people who want simple, accessible ways to calm themselves, be effective, respect themselves and others, to be well.

Why Focus on the Body when we relax? 

Body refers to actual physical changes that we can make with some simple techniques. If you have tension headaches, if you feel “stressed out”, if you are suffering from fatigue, this is the place to start. Do some simple breathing exercises or some simple muscle tension and relaxation exercises to reduce this tension.  (By simple I mean techniques that take 5 to 10 minutes.)