Calming, Relaxing, Reducing Stress

Why Body Mind Walk Talk? 

Lets go through each of them in turn.

The Calming the Body section refers to actual physical changes that we can make with some simple techniques. If you have tension headaches, if you feel “stressed out” if you are suffering from fatigue, this is the place to start. Start with doing some simple breathing exercises or some simple muscle tension and relaxation exercises to reduce this tension.  (By simple I mean techniques that take 5 to 10 minutes.)

In this section you will also find more elaborate relaxation methods, some that require stillness, and some that require movement, such as Yoga and Qi Gong.

Recommendations about simple healthy eating and exercise will help you stay relaxed and healthy and are included in this Body section.



The Calming the Mind section refers to your thinking.  If you find that you get stuck in sad, anxious, or generally negative ruts, then these techniques for acceptance, staying in the present, and giving yourself options will be helpful. They will contribute to a sense of relaxation and self control.

The Calming Talk section refers to communication with others close to you.  This section will be especially helpful if you find that you cannot say “no,” or if you find yourself in a lot of arguments and you want to tone things down, or if you believe that you are never heard by others, this section will bring you relief, it will bring calm and direction to your relationships.

The Walk: Calming Actions section is about behavior change, rather than exercise, (although that may be one of the changes that you will make.)  Learning how to manage your time, how to set your goals, how to identify priorities, learning in effect, who you are, and how you want to be.  All of these will allow you to decide how much confusion, change, or demands you will allow into your life.

The Meditation section is about learning easy, accessible ways to meditate.  We will focus on breathing, images, thoughts and compassion meditations to start.  You will learn that meditation requires no accessories except those that help your comfort, and as much time available as you have or want.

I wish I could say that I am a fountain of wisdom and that I have the answers of a Dalai Lama.  I also wish I could say that change is easy and that a few days will change your life.  That never happened for me, and I don’t know many people who did make such rapid changes in how they felt and how they lived their lives.

But I will say that you will start to feel better.  You will start to live better with the suggestions on this site.  Over time, your problems will be more manageable.  Feeling and being better is a life long process.  The bad news is that you will not be finished tomorrow or even in a month.  The good news is that you will always continue to get better.