Five Breathtaking ways to calm your anxious nerves

You are busy, active, want to get things done, but suddenly you may be stopped in your tracks by doubts:  will it work, will there be danger of injury, will you be criticized? Anxiety can be severe, paralyzing you for a period of time.

Here are five breathtaking ways to reduce that anxiety, and get it under good control.

First:  Take a Calming breath.  Breathe in as deeply as you can, and  hold your breath for a second or two or three.  Let it out slowly. Be aware of your body, especially your midsection as the air goes in and out.  Push as much air as you can into your lungs.  Let you rib cage or your abdomen expand while you do this, then let yourself relax as you breathe out.  There, feel better?

Second:  Take a Calming breath while grounding yourself.  Hold something solid in your hand, such as a small stone, while you breathe.

A rock, a candle and a flower.


Also be aware of your feet on the floor or the ground.  If you are sitting, be aware of your feet on the ground, your butt on the seat, and your back on the back of the chair.  Be aware of the solidity of your immediate environment. Do this while you take some slow flaming breaths.

Third: Take a Calming breath while staying in the present.  Be aware of the right here, right now.  Your breath is right here, right now.  Your immediate environment is right here right now.  Your anxieties and your worries are in the future, right now you are not injured, right now you are not being criticized.  You are OK, right here, right now.

Fourth: Take a Calming breath with gratitude.  As you breathe think of those things in your life for which you are grateful.  This may be your family, your home, your work, your friends, your skills, your memories.  Be aware and express your thanks for these experiences and supports in your life.

Fifth: Take a calming breath with support.  Physically hold on to someone close, while you are breathing, or talk to a friend or a support person while you are breathing and ask for some empathetic, supportive listening.

Try these out, suggest other ways to calm down, other ways that have helped you stay calm in the comment section below.  Thanks.

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