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Woman confidant and happy.

Woman confidant and happy.

When you feel stressed and life feels out of control, (and who does’t feel that way some of the time?) this toolkit will help.  You will learn

1. what stress is,

2. what happens to you physically,

3. the different effects of long term and short term stress,

and most important,

4. what to do to feel better, to manage your stress better, and to be aware of the positives that may offset your stress.

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Here is what you will get in your newsletter: What stress is, the difference between short term and long term stress, positive stress versus negative stress, tips on what we can do when we are under stress. What happens to up physically when we are under stress. Changes in the body, and the process of recovery from stress. The special problems of long term stress.  What happens to us, how it feels, what is in our control and what is not, how to help ourselves feel better. Moving on.  How to relieve stress, getting balance in our lives, increasing a sense of gratitude, using language effectively, and introducing meditation.  Sign up today and get started!


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