The Meditation section is about learning easy, accessible ways to meditate.

Meditation has been shown to have beneficial effects on your concentration, stress reduction, self control, sleep, and memory.  It is a simple gentle way to improve your health and well being.

Meditation means many different things.  Here, we will start with simple accessible ways to approach meditation.

Meditation can be a way of life, or a way to improve health in a busy demanding schedule.  You can meditate for hours, or you can meditate for just a few minutes.  You don’t need to make major changes in your life in order to experience the benefits of this simple, appealing practice.

Relaxed and Peaceful.

Relaxed and Peaceful.

We will focus on breathing, images, thoughts and relaxation meditations to start.  You will learn that meditation requires no accessories except those that help your comfort, and as much available time as you have or want.

If you are a beginner a Simple, Short Breathing Meditation is a good place to start.  Those who like to focus on images will like Meditation Using Imagery.

If you want to increase your awareness of your present environment or your present state, look at Mindfulness Meditation.

You can develop more elaborate meditation processes, such as the Full Body Meditation For Self Calming to increase your sense of relaxation.