Calming the Mind

The Calming the Mind section refers to your thinking.  If you find that your thoughts get stuck in sad, anxious, or generally negative ruts, then these techniques for acceptance, staying in the present, and giving yourself options will be helpful.  They will contribute to a sense of relaxation and self control.


Mindfulness is attention to the present. When we are mindful we are attentive to whatever is happening here and now. If you want to be more mindful in your life see What is Mindfulness.  If you want to become more mindful in your life, practice Mindfulness Meditation.152575-20130913

If you find yourself negative, sad, angry, see How to Change Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking.

If you are self critical or judgmental, hard on yourself, go to Self Talk.

I think we all know how it feels to be agitated, worried, harassed and pressured. This is one of the most distressing states, and we often experience this when we are in a hurry and we most want to be calm, clear, and coordinated.

While we often place the mind in the brain, and relegate everything else to the body, we are really integrated creatures. The blood, chemicals, and hormones that are in your brain go throughout your body.

Our thoughts are intimately affected by our physical state and our physical comfort and well being is affected by our thoughts.

So it is not surprising that one way to calm our thoughts is to practice physical calming. To calm yourself quickly when you are agitated or anxious go to Simple Steps to Relaxation.