Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a good way to start your meditation practice.  It is simple, it can be entertaining, and it gives us good practice in one of the basic meditation techniques.  It teaches us to stay in the present moment, to let go of problems that don’t need our attention, and to get to know ourselves without judgment.  Most important, it teaches us to accept who we are, at this moment.

Mindfulness meditation opens the doors of our minds, in a welcoming accepting way.  It serves to increase our self knowledge in a safe, positive way.

Start with taking a few slow deep breaths.  If you are not sure about your breathing, see Simple Steps to Relaxation, or Simple Short Breathing Meditation to get started.

Go to a comfortable place and take up a comfortable position.  Be respectful of your self, your body, and your mind.  Your posture should be erect, unless you are laying down.  In that case adjust your body so that you are straight.

A Woman Meditating

A Woman Meditating

If possible do your meditation in a place that is attractive and comfortable.

Set a timer unless you have a good internal clock. I usually suggest 10 minutes when you are starting, but it can be any length of time that makes you comfortable.  As you go into your meditation, you can close your eyes, or fix your gaze on a spot on the wall, or floor, or any surface.

Allow thoughts to come into your mind, and then let them go.  It is like you are accepting any thought that comes to you without a judgment.  Some thoughts may be unwelcome at other times, but for now they are OK, they are accepted.

The thoughts are never grabbed, or chewed over.  They come, they are acknowledged and accepted and then they go.  The next thought, feeling, experience is welcomed and experienced.

Some of these experiences may be bodily sensations.  They may have an emotional tone. Or they may just be thoughts.

At the end of your chosen time, or if you choose not to have a timer, when you have accomplished what you wanted or needed to accomplish, take a moment to come back into your everyday life.  Stretch, and thank your mind and your body for giving you this opportunity to improve your health, to rest your mind, to get to know and to accept yourself.