Simple, Short Breathing Meditation

This is a simple process, quickly calming and is the basis of relaxation, problem solving and pain control.  It is a good thing for us to do at least once a day.  Once a day practice of a simple breathing meditation will keep your brain conditioned to calm, and then be prepared to do what ever is needed, whether it is planning your day, addressing a problem, or reducing pain.

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Text Instructions:

You can start to set a timer, I suggest for 10 minutes.  Setting a timer frees you from keeping track of time, and allows you to focus instead on your breath.



Start by getting into a comfortable position, with your body erect and supported.  This is respectful of your body, as well as of your mind.

Breathe in fully.  You can breath by expanding your abdominal muscles which will bring the air deeply into your lungs. (See breathing instructions on the Simple Steps to Relaxation page).  However any slow breathing will be helpful.

Focus your attention on your breath, noticing how your body feels as the air goes into your lungs and then out of your lungs.  This is a process that you can allow to go on over and over.

Because your mind is a busy place you will most likely be distracted.  This is very common.  Distractions do not mean that you are doing this incorrectly, or that you are not good at meditation!  Simply bring your mind gently back to your breathing.  You may have to do this many times, even during a brief meditation. That is OK, just continue to bring your mind back to your breathing.

Once your time is up, your timer goes off, stretch, and congratulate yourself on having accomplished a wonderful thing for your health.