The Best Place to Find Peace

I remember a time when I felt overwhelmed, confused, frustrated.  I wasn’t sure that I could continue to cope.  Then I remembered Pacem.

A typical hermatage at Pacem in Terris, Minnesota

A typical hermatage at Pacem in Terris, Minnesota

I don’t know where I first heard about it, but I know that I located it and went there for a weekend.  For a long time it was an important part of my life.

Pacem in Terris, is a spiritual retreat center, where you create your own retreat.  See the website for more information and to make a reservation. The picture to the right is taken from that website.

What is special?  The beauty, the nurturing, the silence, the peace.  Pacem in Terris means Peace on Earth.  While you are there you are in your own hermitage, a beautiful small cabin looking out into the woods, eating simple food, walking, resting, reading, reflecting.  whatever you need.

Shirley Wachena and her family run Pacem for the benefit of those who need calming and healing.

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