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Hello and Welcome to the CalmMindBody.com website.

Why did I start the CalmMindBody website? Besides being a Psychologist, now retired, I was also a busy Mom, homemaker, reader, lover of music, and traveler. What I didn’t have was a lot of extra time, or space. To be honest I am not an avid exerciser either.

So when I needed some way to get calm, when I needed a time out, I didn’t have the spare room where I could light candles, the money for a private trainer, or the extra time to let everything go for a half hour or hour so I could meditate.

What I found and taught to my patients were fast, simple ways to accomplish peace, a sense of space, and relaxation. Calm Mind Body was designed to share these techniques, and others with all of you.

I believe that we all need easy, available techniques for relaxation that are simple to learn, available without a lot of time or equipment.  We need techniques that make sense to us.

But I want to know what you need.  I want to know what techniques for stress management and stress reduction work for you.  Please use the contact form to get in touch with me to share impressions, knowledge and problems that you would like to see addressed on this site.

Come back often. Order the Reduce Stress Toolkit for an explanation of the effects of stress and how to manage with the ongoing stress in your life.


  1. Jean Heers says:

    Laraine, I have taken a quick look at the impressive content on the website. It sounds so like you! Love what you are doing and know you will find great satisfaction in helping those who visit the website. Good job!

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